Episode 1 ‘Sticks’-A Weird and Wild Country

Here it is our first episode! We lay out what we hope to accomplish, our plans for the first season, as well as a discussion of Wagner’s BFA winning short story ‘Sticks’. A special thank you to our reader Malcolm Mills and to the artist Andrea Sparacio for the beautiful portrait of Wagner.

Check here every episode as I’ll be inserting some additional information that didn’t make it to the show and I’ll provide links to some of the research I did for the story.

When reading the recent novel The Fisherman by John Langan I couldn’t help but think of the Quabbin Reservoir and the towns (and possibly cultist structures!) that were buried by the flooding. I found this interesting documentary Under Quabbin by WGBY. It features some great sections of scuba explorations of what has remained…

Under Quabbin

Here are some links to Mystery Hill New Hampshire so you can get a glimpse of what Wagner may have been picturing for the underground caverns.

Mystery Hill, NH- here

Sacrificial Table- here

If you are as intrigued by Shadrach Ireland as I was I suggest checking out the Burned-Over District in New York State. It was an exciting time in American religion and many interesting cults and ideas formed in this one area of the country. Seance anyone?

Burned-Over District

Lastly if you are looking for more of the Cthulhu Mythos connections in this story I recommend Episode 65 of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias here. It is great coverage of the story with a mythos centric view.

I hope you enjoyed our episode and that you’ll join us in one week for Episode 2 where we’ll cover Part 1 of Wagner’s story: In the Pines.

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