October Project: The Year’s Best Horror Stories Series VIII

Michael Whelan

Every October for the past three years I’ve challenged myself to read one short horror story a day. It’s the perfect way to welcome the Fall. I start my day or end my day with a cozy cup of coffee or tea and a tale of fright. To fulfill my quota for the month I’ll load up on collections, maybe something by Datlow, or Lockhart. Occasionally, I’ve also pulled down from my bookshelf a Year’s Best edited by Wagner himself.

Since I’ve been investigating Karl Edward Wagner’s work this year through my podcast The Dark Crusade, I’ve decided to dedicate the month to his Year’s Best Horror Stories Series VIII. It won’t quite be a story a day, but I will be blogging about each story. It will be an exciting adventure exploring Wagner the editor instead of Wagner the writer.

The Year’s Best Horror Stories Series VIII, was the first in the series that Wagner edited taking over from Gerald W. Page. The first printing was by DAW Books in July of 1980. I’ll be posting every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for the month of October. Some entries may be short, some may be long, but they should all be fun. Podcasts will be released on Wednesdays on the normal two week schedule.

-Jordan Douglas Smith

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