Entombed by Robert Keefe

Gothic No 1
Gothic No. 1 edited by Gary William Crawford

Entombed was first published in Gothic #1 a magazine dedicated both to the study of gothic literature as well as the publishing of new gothic stories. This is the first work of fiction written by Robert Keefe, a gothic scholar.

Wagner supplies us with a definition he uses for gothic literature from editor Gary William Crawford, it is “very broadly as a spirit or impulse incarnating supernatural horror, the macabre, the numinous, dark fantasy, mental aberration and psychic disintegration, dread of the unknown and the unknowable”. This gives us a wide range of what the stories can be like and opens up a lot of possibilities for the story to be not traditionally ‘scary’.

I thought the story Entombed was beautiful. The plot is simple, it is a young man, 17 years old, who goes to a museum and spends the entire day sitting in the Egyptian art room. He ends up hiding from the security guard and stays past closing into the night.

As the the young man sits in the gallery he begins to mull over various scenes from his life, and the dissatisfaction he feels. This dissatisfaction is something that he doesn’t seem to be able to quite put a finger on, but he knows something is building inside that needs an outlet. One of my favorite passages is when he is identifying with the women in various mummy films who have been taken away by the mummy “And the people from the town, who had lived next to the girl all her life but didn’t really know anything about her, realized that she was special…” The story was heartbreaking. As readers we want something to happen to him at the end, some sort of event or catharsis that would help him “be a man”.


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