Episode 9 ‘Where the Summer Ends’-A Thousand Stealthy Assassins w/ guests Michael Bukowski and Tim Mucci

Where the Summer Ends

Originally Published: Dark Forces, August 1980, edited by Kirby McCauley

Drink Pairing: Monkey Shoulder Batch 27 and Stewart’s Root Beer

I was honored having two amazing guests this week. Tim Mucci, who was in Episode 7 discussing River of Night’s Dreaming, and Michael Bukowski, artist of Yog-Blogsoth fame and Seventh Church Ministries, really added a lot to the discussion. Check out Mike’s version of the Kudzu Devil here. If you haven’t seen his work before you are in for a real treat, as mentioned in the episode he is nearing completion on his project started years ago to draw every creature mentioned in the works of H. P. Lovecraft. In addition to that project, his work often pops up on album covers and books. Now on to the hot links!

Pseudopod Episode 560-Where the Summer Ends here

George R. R. Martin not a blog post about Kirby McCauley here

Kudzu pics here

The Last Wolf-Karl Edward Wagner Documentary here

Kudzu Monkeys are real!

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