Kane is coming!

Art by Ken Kelly

Kane is coming! I’m excited to announce Season 2 of The Dark Crusade will be starting next week- Thursday, July 5th, 2018. The entire season will be dedicated to Karl Edward Wagner’s dark fantasy character Kane.

With the new season comes a new co-host. I’ll be joined by comic book writer and sword & sorcery enthusiast Jonathan Gelatt. We’ve had a great time delving into the stories and are excited to share our thoughts. This season is the perfect season to start listening because all the Kane stories are easy to obtain as e-books, there is no excuse not to read along! Season 2 we’ll be covering Wagner’s collection Night Winds and his novel Bloodstone. Click here for buying options.

I’ve decided to read the stories in the order chronological to Kane’s life and NOT in order of publication. The hope is this will lend some insight into the arc of Kane’s life. We’ll be using Dale E Rippke’s timeline which you can find here on his blog The Darkstorm Files. Join us in one week when we cover the classic Kane tale ‘Undertow’.

-Jordan Douglas Smith



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