Episode 2.5 ‘The Dark Muse’ – You say O-pee-ros I say O-pie-ros.

Dark Muse
art by George Chastain

The Dark Muse

Originally published: Midnight Sun, Summer-Fall 1975, edited by Gary Hoppenstand

Just made it back in time from summer vacation to get this episode in under the wire. I wanted to share this blurb from Gary Hoppenstand from the inside cover of Midnight Sun V. 1 N. 2 “Midnight Sun is a magazine devoted primarily to Kane and the new school of serious epic fantasy.”

If you enjoyed the poetry of Opyros check out some of the morbid poetry from these Graveyard Poets.

Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in a Church Graveyard

Thomas Parnell’s A Night-Piece on Death

Robert Blair’s The Grave

Edward Young’s Night-Thoughts

Join us in two weeks when we discuss the Kane horror classic Sing a Last Song of Valdese.

Original music: F. N. York
Narrator: Malcolm Mills

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