Episode 2.8 ‘The Treasure of Lynortis’ & ‘Lynortis Reprise’ -Development of a Storyteller

Art by Jim Pitts

The Treasure of Lynortis

Originally Written: 1961
Originally Published: Kadath V. 2 #2/3 Fall 1984 ed. Francesco Cova

Lynortis Reprise

Originally Written: 1974
Originally Published: Midnight Sun, 1974 ed. Gary Hoppenstand

Thus ends our season of Kane. But fret not dear listeners, Jonathan and I will be back for another season towards the end of the summer. In between seasons I’ll be posting a couple bonus episodes and we’ll delve into Wagner’s collection Echoes of Valor II on the blog. I’m hoping before the next season starts I will have

Midnight Sun
Art by John F. Mayer

completed another trip to look at Wagner’s papers and found some great items to share. Till then, may the Bloodstone forever slip off your finger.


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